Due to extremely slow internet connection in panaji, 3 minutes required to submit article at iwriter

Due to ntro cybercrime making the internet connection extremely slow in panaji, goa, the domain investor is wasting 3 minutes just to submit one iwriter article on 16 december 2019,
This exposes the lack of humanity and honesty of ntro, raw, cbi, 13 frauds are getting monthly salaries for faking bank, iwriter account ownership with the help of cybercriminal ntro employees, while the legal bank account holder is finding that the internet connection is extremely slow
Fraud tata, google employees then compare the condition of the house to raw.cbi employees when they have bribed ntro employees to make the connection very slow, it is much slower than the internet connection in the year 2000, nearly twenty years ago
Instead of wasting so much time, trying repeatedly to submit the article, it is better to do offline work, which can be completed very quickly , since there is no one wasting time.