If housewives spend 10 hours writing daily, when will they take care of their children, cooking, housework

One of the greatest frauds of the LIAR google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies is how they are duping people, companies and countries that various housewives are doing writing work for customers outside india and that the real paypal account holder is a very lazy person who is doing nothing

In reality almost 100% of the housewives are taking care of their children, cooking, housework, taking them to school, preparing food for them and their families, and housework, keeping their home perfectly clean and tidy
for making $50 a week from writing, a woman will have to spend at least 40 hours writing, which is 6 hours daily if they are fast writers. Most housewives in India, especially those with young children do not have that much free time and also lack the skills to do so

yet for 9 years, the indian security agencies have continued with their great fraud, of falsely claiming that various housewives, maidservants and other frauds who are not spend any time to do writing work are doing the work, to give them great powers, and in some cases, monthly government salaries

It is surprising that everyone in India blindly believes the section 420 FRAUD LIAR google tata employees who are making fake claims about writing, no one in india has the honesty and humanity to question the LIES, BANKING FRAUD of the google, tata employees who are far worse than the nigerian fraudsters