After the writing fraud is exposed, NTRO again hacks iwriter account of domain investor in panaji, goa

For 10 years, NTRO is involved in a writing fraud on the domain investor, hacking her laptop using million dollar equipment and falsely claiming that various housewives, call girls and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do no computer work, own the iwriter, paypal, bank account of the domain investor to pay them monthly salaries without doing any computer work at all.
After their writing fraud was exposed, ntro has hacked the iwriter account/laptop so that the domain investor cannot do any writing work. A screenshot of the message is displayed for reference and proof of the harassment faced by the hardworking domain investor who is a victim of a massive FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD for the last 10 years

She is unable to edit the draft article or do any other writing work. a lot of time is wasted , indicating the endless frauds in the indian internet sector