Endless CHEATING, EXPLOITATION, Labor law violations on indian women writers by government agencies leave them demotivated

Since 2010, ntro,raw,cbi are openly involved in criminal defamation and labor law violations on hardworking skilled older women writers refusing to acknowledge their skills, work ethic, time they spend doing the writing work, taking advantage of the fact that the single woman writer like the domain investor has no one to help or defend her against ruthless greedy fraud brahmin, sindhi , gujju, goan and other fraud men and women, making fake claims about her bank account.
Instead these fraud agencies are falsely giving credit and government salaries to high status frauds like panaji greedy goan gsb housewife robber riddhi nayak caro, sindhi scammer brothers karan chand, jio employee nikhil chand , goan bhandari sunaina chodan, maria while the real writer is criminally defamed in the worst manner,denied a life of dignity.
So other than the payment from customers outside india, the real domain investor,writer is not getting any payment, the panaji intelligence and security agencies are pathological LIARS, FRAUDS criminally defaming the real writer, denying her a life of dignity, and making fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud relatives and BRIBE givers like sindhi scammer brothers karan chand, jio employee nikhil chand
Tired of being cheated, exploited for more than 11 years without getting any kind of help , the writer has decided to reduce the time she spends writing for clients since ntro,raw, cbi refuse to end their BANKING FRAUD which can be legally proved.