Collegdunia reviews expose the real english skills of indians, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, FINANCIAL FRAUD on single woman engineer since 2010

The goa, indian government is criminally defaming the domain investor falsely claiming that some students from St Xavier college and other young people are writing all the articles to pay them monthly government salaries, while the domain investor, the older single woman who is actually writing the articles, is criminally defamed as idle in panaji goa, involved in illegal activities to cover up the goa government writing fraud since 2012

In reality most indians, including college students from top colleges in goa, do not have good written english skills, no one will approve their articles, yet the indian tech, internet sector, google, tata continue making fake claims, while criminally defaming the real writer in the worst manner. The following review excerpts are taken from collegedunia, exposing the real language skills of students and most indian citizens

The fee structure is feasible for a middle man to afford Prices are less compared to other colleges
repeating lessons in order to ensure 100% grasping
The college management is helpful and will hear out all problems and try to iron out the issues faced by the students
Yess they are very helpful n motivating very nice extraordinary extreme loving staff good n the best
college always gets a trophy for this if you have the certificate from.this college your at a very high range of getting any jobs accros india

when most goa and other students, indian citizens, do not have good english skills, no one will pay for their articles , why is the indian, goan and other state governments making fake claims to pay the students monthly government salaries while criminally defaming the real writer in the worst possible manner in panaji, goa since 2012