Photo in writer account exposes Haryana government, karnal, haryana FRAUD R&AW employee mba hr ruchika kinge’s writing fraud

One of the greatest frauds in the indian internet sector, is how no one believes in the domain investor, though she is telling the truth, because the ntro employees led by mhow monster ntro employee puneet had destroyed her credibility with his fake stories of cheating and manipulated videos
Though karnal, haryana FRAUD R&AW employee mba hr ruchika kinge was working in a american company xero business services, the indian, haryana and other state governments blindly believed in her lies, when liar ruchika falsely claimed to own the iwriter account of the domain investor because ruchika and her powerful boyfriends like mhow monster had destroyed the credibility of the domain investor

In a massive online fraud, the indian, madhya pradesh, goa, haryana government is repeating the LIES of another fraud from madhya pradesh (MP) , the mhow monster ntro employee puneet, who is FAKING his relationship with the engineer, his btech 1993 ee classmate, who he HATES, so that he can make fake claims about her business, and get all his lazy greedy fraud girlfriends, raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary without doing any work, without investing any money.

The engineer can legally prove that she has never interacted with mhow cheater puneet who HATES her in the last 26 years, and in college vrushali from pune was puneet’s girlfriend, yet the state governments in goa, karnataka, haryana, madhya pradesh, maharashtra continue with their fraud , indicating the worsening status of educated women in India, due to the indian government fraud on them.

Due to RACISM , and poor status of educated women, the indian government is blindly believing in the lies of the mhow monster puneet, who falsely claimed that his girlfriends were doing the writing work, and wasted taxpayer money falsely accusing the domain investor, engineer of money laundering for 10 years . In reality the engineer was also a prolific writer and she was making some money because of her writing skills, like other writers in India who are also making money online, since english language skills are in demand

Yet the indian, madhya pradesh, karnataka, goa government blindly believed the lies of mhow monster puneet who falsely claimed that his girlfriends like nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak caro, ruchika kinge, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons, karan, nikhil, and others who did no writing work, owned the iwriter account of the engineer to pay all these frauds a monthly government salary, while trying to find non existent proof against the engineer

Whatever writing work was done, the mhow monster puneet and karnal fraud ruchika falsely claimed credit, though ruchika and her associates were not doing writing work. Tired of being cheated, exploited and defamed, the engineer included a photo in her account, which proves that it does not belong to ruchika and her associates, yet the indian, haryana government continue with their writing fraud, indicating the lack of honesty, humanity in the indian and state governments.

Will the liar fraud R&AW employee ruchika kinge, haryana government continue faking ownership of the iwriter account.