Firefox and Microsoft edge browers hacked so that no article can be submitted at Iwriter

In a clear indication of the endless corporate espionage the domain investor is subjected to, the Firefox and Microsoft edge browers are hacked in panaji, goa so that the writer cannot submit any article on 10 August 2019 in panaji, goa .
Writing an article is very time consuming, usually one hour is taken, yet when the article is submitted , it is showing the word count as zero, so that it will not be accepted.
This is done only to waste the time of the domain investor, on 10 september 2019, she took thirty minutes to submit the article, using various laptops and internet connections to do so.
They had given a 2000 word article as a special request, so that she would waste 3-4 hours writing the article, and then find that she was unable to submit any article at all.
Now she will have to waste her time writing small articles, to check if the hacking will continue and whether she is able to submit any article/

On 11 september, 2019, the zook modem was not launching after a 1000 word article was written to waste the time of the domain investor.

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