Writers looking for an iwriter alternative, should consider Publish0X

Iwriter was a very popular writing website, yet due to widespreading writing fraud in india, some prolific writers find that their account is disabled. The government agencies raw/cbi are openly rewarding cybercrime, robbing the data of the real writers to make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees who do not do any writing work at all.
Though gurugram cheater mba raw employee ruchita kinge and bengaluru brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree, wife of fraud tata power employee guruprasad had only submitted a few articles in 2011-12 showing how raw/cbi are cheating, robbing hardworking private citizens, the government agencies falsely claimed that raw/cbi employees, shameless LIARS have written all the 5800+ articles for iwriter when all the content was written by a private citizen. Bank details also show that the raw/cbi employees never received any payment for writing work from iwriter, yet government agencies continue their financial fraud, government SLAVERY of the real writer.
After running the writing fraud, government SLAVERY of the real writer, in september 2023, the government agencies blocked iwriter access to the real writer who had written more that 5800 approved articles. Though Medium is popular worldwide and pays writers, Indian writers cannot get paid for their writing work. So one of the best alternatives at present is Publish0X , a website which pays members for reading as well writing.

Readers can tip the article writer whatever percentage they wish and they will also get paid for reading and tipping.
To make more money, the writers should publish articles periodically. First the writer will have to submit a sample published article to get approval. After getting approval the writer can start publishing his or her own articles. The income from each article will depend to a large extent on how many page views the article will get and the tips for the article. Typically if an article is getting 1000 views, the writer will get $0.5.

The writing income is paid in Ethereum (ETH) & Optimism (OP) can be withdrawn weekly if the account balance is more than $0.5. The writer can then withraw the money to their bank account for daily expenses or stake it for passive income.
So writers finding it difficult to get orders from customers, or looking for an iwriter alternative, should consider using Publish0x or other similar websites.