5 letter words starting with TRO

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5 letter words that start with tro
1. Introduction (put the keyword in the first sentence please)
Students, writers, professionals and others are often searching for suitable 5 letter words that start with tro which they can use for in their written letters, email, correspondence, creative work, or verbal communication. There are more than twenty words starting with tro, though the words available will vary depending on the dictionary used.
What are 5 letter English words that start with tro?
There are approximately 25 words with 5 characters starting with tro which are listed in most dictionaries. These words are
– troak
– trock
3. Why learn five letter words that start with tro
a. The main reason why people searching for all the words beginning with tro is for using in popular word games like Scrabble, Wordle and for solving crossword puzzles. Some are also taking part in competitions which test their English spelling, vocabulary
b. English is the most widely used language for business communication worldwide and English proficiency is a major requirement for getting admission to colleges and schools in many countries. So for learning English by improving their vocabulary,many students and professionals are interested in learning new words beginning with the alphabets tro which they can use in the written and verbal communication.One of the most widely used criteria for evaluating the English skills of an individual is his vocabulary, the words he or she understands and uses in the right context.
4. Common 5-letter words that begin with tro with meanings
Some 5-letter English words which start with the characters tro, which are frequently used at present are listed below
Troll – was originally used to describe a small character living in caves. However, at present it is used extensively in social media, online, to describe a person who is making negative comments or harassing a person online
Troop – a group of trained soldiers, usually the army, though it can be used to described other armed forces like navy or airforce staff. Troop is also used to describe a flock of birds
Trove – is another widely used word for a collection of valuable items usually precious metals, stones, jewelry, collectibles. It is often prefixed with treasure
Trout – is a large bony fresh water fish , which anglers often catch
Trois – used to describe a couple living with a male or female lover,it is derived from the French word trois which means three
Trots – a variant of the verb trot, moving at a pace which is faster than walking, and often moving in particular pattern. While it usually refers to the pace at which the horse is moving, it can also be used to refer to humans and others
Trods – variation of the word trod, to trample upon, walk on
Depending on the context in which the word has to be used, either a noun, verb or variant starting with tro can be used from the list above