Panaji top sindhi scammer jio employee nikhil chand is a pathological LIAR involved in a writing fraud with his CHEATER brother karan chand, mother nisha chand

Panaji top sindhi scammer family of xerox shop owner pran chandan, his school dropout wife nisha who looks like actress sneha wagh, their scammer sons jio employee nikhil, karan chand (like goan bhandari fraud sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar) are aware that only the single woman engineer, who they criminally defame in the worst manner, is legally owning the bank account, and also doing all the computer work, spending many hours daily, mainly to pay for domain renewals
yet being shameless scammers panaji’s top sindhi scammer family, especially fraud jio employee nikhil chand are spreading false rumors that someone else is doing the writer work, though being a pathological liar panaji’s greatest fraudster nikhil chand cannot provide any proof that his lazy greedy friends or associates, with no computer, writing skills are doing the writing work

because of the fraud jio employees endless frauds in panaji, iwriter is asking for the paypal address to get updated because in panaji, goa fraud levels are so high that section 420 frauds and liars like google, tata, jio’s favorite sindhi scammers are considered role models and everyone believes the complete lies of panaji’s most shameless greedy sindhi scammer nikhil chand, jio management trainee