Can the indian, karnataka government, R&AW explain why bengaluru brahmin GREEDY CHEATER HOUSEWIFE nayanshree does not falsely claim to own the iwriter account of daniel webar, tabrez, only the goa 1989 jee topper for more than 7 years

NTRO, raw, cbi are always complaining about the website content, defaming the domain investor as mentally unsound for complaining yet they refuse to answer why bengaluru brahmin HOUSEWIFE nayanshree, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro, asmita patel and other raw/cbi employees do not falsely claim to own the websites, domains, iwriter account of other domain investors, writers in india and get a monthly raw salary without doing any kind of computer, writing work only for FALSELY CLAIMING to own the iwriter account of the domain investor

There are thousands of indians with an iwriter account like daniel webar, tabrez no one falsely claims to own their iwriter account, bank account, only the goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman engineer finds that that nayanshree, sunaina chodan and other raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own her iwriter, bank account for the last 7 years and getting monthly raw/cbi salaries
The shivalli brahmins are extremely ruthless in their identity theft of single woman bhandari non-goan engineers with a good JEE rank and have ensured that she does not get any well paid work in India, due to which she is forced to do writing work.
The writing income is very less no service tax has to be paid , only the single woman engineer is defamed and denied a life of dignity. The R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar, like rhea chakarborty, refused to reply to the domain investor, after her relatives and sugar daddies stole the retirement savings of the single woman engineer and there is no connection at all, yet NTRO, raw continue with their online, writing and financial fraud for the last ten years.