When will the SHAMELESS LIAR GREEDY FRAUD goan bhandari officials,leaders community end their WRITING, PAYPAL, BANKING FRAUD

living in goa is difficult because of the shameless GREEDY LIAR FRAUD goan bhandari officials like pritesh chodakar,naik leaders and community which refuses to acknowledge hardwork, merit, experience and SKILLS of hardworking single woman engineers only CRIMINALLY DEFAMES the hardworking skilled women with the help of fraud companies like google, tata. The officials then falsely claims that LAZY GREEDY LIAR FRAUD goan bhandari women like sunaina, her sisters, cousin teji who do no computer work, own her iwriter, paypal,bank account
These shameless ROBBER goan bhandari officials are ROBBING the memory of a single woman bhandari engineer from karwar/kumta without a LEGALLY VALID REASON, COPY PASTING the ROBBED MEMORY on the brains of Shameless LAZY GREEDY LIAR FRAUD goan bhandari women like sunaina chodan, her sisters, cousin teji, who do not want to learn any computer, writing skills, only CRIMINALLY DEFAME and falsely claim to own her paypal, bank account
While sunaina chodan is world famous as the panaji prostitute as confirmed on historicum.ru, there is no reason why the goa government, goan bhandari community should falsely associate the engineer with various lazy greedy unskilled liar fraud goan bhandari women like teji, housewives or other frauds

The LIAR goan bhandari officials are taking advantage of the fact that the bhandari community in karwar/kumta is poor and does not offer much support to the hardworking single woman engineer, does not question the complete LIES of the goan bhandari officials,leaders community