Goan call girl R&AW employees are KISSING EXPERTS, not writing experts

One of the greatest frauds of ntro, raw, cbi is how they are promoting the goan call girl R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi , who have no online income as online writing,experts, domain investors, when the real skills of these raw employees are very different.
Both the raw employees are queens of kissing and experts in the art of seducing men, not in writing

Now siddhi has made her facebook page private, a few years ago, it was public and it had a lot of steamy photos of siddhi hugging, kissing and being kissed by her multiple boyfriends
In particular there was a photo of siddhi being kissed simultaneously on either cheek by her multiple boyfriends and she was extremely proud of her photo

Though the panaji goan bhandari slim sex queen sunaina does not post any photos on her social media pages, people in panaji , especially those who walking on the footpath, near the fire brigade, and government quarters, st inez would get a glimpse of sunaina’s kissing skills, as she kissed her boyfriend on his neck, while he was driving his grey j8651 scooter
Unfortunately for the last three months, now slim sex queen sunaina’s photographer boyfriend has got a job outside panaji, probably outside india, and is visiting her only once in three months. so the walkers in panaji are missing the free kissing entertainment which the slim goan bhandari call girl raw employee sunaina offered to the public in panaji, especially st inez and campal area