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Byjus has spun content

Google is destroying online english content by giving control to the shivalli brahmin frauds who have poor english language skills, hiding behind cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, and only generate junk spun content,. Even a reputed websites like Byjus are full of junk content

The shivalli brahmins have no appreciation of the english language, they may have good spelling skills, so they are mercilessly spinning content using software and posting it online, destroying the internet in India to make quick money.

The shivalli brahmins are also monopolizing all the content work in India and generating only junk spun content., those who really write well, are not getting any work, as their leads and orders are stolen by the brahmin ntro employees falsely claiming national security

Example of spun content, generated by google, tata supported spun junk content factory in India.

RS Aggarwal books are invoked by students irrespective of their boards CBSE or ICSE in order to prepare for their examinations and future endeavors due to their high regard in the community. Since CBSE and ICSE class 9th scholars have been allocated R S Aggarwal as their math textbook thus it becomes compulsory for them to crack this volume appropriately as by doing that not only are their concepts crystal clear but the problems also have a good chances of appearing in the examinations.

byjus.   com/cbse/rs-aggarwal-class-9-solutions/

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