DISHONEST indian Internet, tech companies beat Ramesh Swain in their financial,online fraud on older single woman writers since 2013

The mainstream media especially times of india carried the news of the fraudster Ramesh Swain who cheated a large number of older single women of their hard earned money, taking advantage of the low social status of these women in indian society, the lack of support system
Before commenting on the content of the website, people, companies and countries should be aware of how DISHONEST indian Internet, tech companies allegedly led by Google, tata beat Ramesh Swain in their financial,online fraud on older single woman domain investors, writers
Though these fraud companies are aware that the top government employees are not connected with the single woman domain investor in any way at all though they may have studied in the same engineering college, these fraud companies are spreading false rumors that the single woman is a proxy for the top government employees, who actually HATE the single woman, have not contacted and have not helped her, actually criminally defame her.
For writing also the cybercriminal DISHONEST indian Internet, tech companies are making up fake team stories to get high status well connected frauds like panaji sindhi scammer student karan premchandani, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and others monthly government salaries for faking writing work, when there is no connection at all, only the hardworking older single woman is doing the writing work, spending her time daily while the frauds pampered,rewarded by the indian internet companies, government do no writing work at all yet get monthly government salaries
In case of Ramesh Swain, the women he cheated at least interacted with him, they could have been more careful and refused to interact with him,pay him. In comparison, the indian tech and internet companies are far greater fraudsters because the single woman has not interacted with the fraud government employees anytime, and the fake team members for the last nine years, yet the fraud internet companies are experts in manipulating the system continue their massive FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD, government slavery, great writing fraud