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Writing website has 3000+ articles, almost no writers

Inspired by google’s use of artificial intelligence, a writing website is using artificial intelligence to check the articles which are submitted. While iwriter is only using copyscape the website is checking for other errors like white spaces which are difficult to detect.
The software should correct the errors automatically, instead of asking the writer, who cannot understand the error instructions
It is also not allowing the writer to use words repeatedly, resulting in the wastage of time.
After wasting more than one hour checking the website, the domain investor decided to give up, this is just a review.
So though the website has 3000+ articles there are almost no writers
The website developers are investing money,time in developing, marketing the website, they should also consider the feedback of the writers wasting their time, if they want the website to succeed.

Furious that their domain ownership fraud was exposed, NTRO/raw has blocked almost all writing work on iwriter


For 11 years, allegedly bribed by google, tata, ntro/raw/cbi were openly involved in a massive domain ownership fraud, falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud liar employees who never paid any money for domains, owned the domains of a private citizen who they hated, criminally defamed.
There was no change in the ownership of most domains since 2002, yet google, tata were so ruthless in their financial fraud on the single woman engineer, who has no one to help or defend her, that the indian, state government especially in goa blindly believed the lies to give tata’s favorite frauds especially slim goan bhandari call girl scammer sunaina chodan great powers at the expense of the real writer.
In 2021, the domain investor sold a domain at a high price and the payment was credited to her savings account with her name, which the goa governmet criminally defames as idle person with no income, , because swift code for other accounts was not easily available.
The greedy goan scammers also called her a journalist, falsely claiming that they owned the domains, though they did not pay any money for domain renewals for 9 years in one of the greatest financial frauds in india .
This exposed the ruthlessness of the criminal defamation of google, tata, indian internet companies,of the domain investor, though they aware that sunaina chodan, riddhi, siddhi,amita patel, sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani her scammer sons karan, nikhil, other raw/cbi employees, their lazy greedy fraud boyfriends like puneet j, j srinivasan, were not paying any money for the domains, for 11 years they were making fake claims.
ntro/raw/cbi were furious that the domain ownership fraud was exposed and they have blocked almost all the writing work on iwriter , earlier there at least 50 articles available, now there are 10 or less. It will good to take a break from the paid writing work, which is mentally draining