Fake teams used for government slavery of writers in goa, india to deny the real writers credit for the work they do

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One of the unique aspects of writing fraud of government agencies on writers especially in panaji, goa is how they falsely link high status lazy frauds with the writers, to give the lazy frauds credit and monthly government salaries without doing any kind of writing work at all.
The real writer is not on talking terms with the high status lazy fraud raw/cbi employees who HATE, criminally defame the writer , does not even have the phone number, yet in a clear case of government slavery, the government agencies are making up fake stories of teams, to falsely give the high status frauds like scammer students, goan call girls, school dropouts and other frauds, raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries while criminally defaming the real writer
If the real writer will protest against the criminal defamation, government slavery, the mental health of the real writer is questioned in a racket which has continued since 2010.