Article cancelled automatically by hackers to cause losses to google competitor

In a clear indication of corporate espionage of google, tata, ntro, an article was automatically cancelled by hackers on November 15,2017 on Firefox to cause losses to the google competitor. Since 2010, google, tata, ntro, cbi have been defaming the google competitor as an incompetent person who would make no money online and offline if she did not have domain names to justify their identity theft, though she is an experienced engineer.
However because of theft of correspondence by google, tata and their associates in panaji, goa, the google competitor is held a virtual prisoner, and not allowed to communicate with anyone in India and elsewhere, so writing is the only work she is allowed in panaji, goa
However the google competitor is a fairly decent writer and can make far more money if she was allowed to work during the day by the ntro, google, tata employees stalking and torturing her during the day for using the computer , and did not have to waste her money renewing domain names with almost no revenues due to google, tata corporate espionage, sex, identity theft racket.
Even for the articles she is writing for research in November 2017, the website is being hacked repeatedly for different browsers indicating the high level of corporate espionage she is facing.