Books to understand the world of other people

For a google competitor who is held a virtual prisoner, and threatened with fake cases if she will interact with others, since 2010, books are almost the only way to find out about the world outside, and write about it.
The number of english books stocked in the library is less as very few people are interested in reading english in goa, most prefer marathi, so reviewing english books is the best way to read some new books without spending a lot of money.
Did not read much for twenty years, while working in a job and otherwise now google, tata, ntro, cbi are forcing the google competitor to spend more time reading, torturing her if she will work during the day.
Most of the authors are doing a lot of research or are familiar with the world about which they are writing, so instead of the romance, it is more interesting to read about the setting, in medical, dental college, advertising , security agency, art dealers.